Considering the switch to Xero? We can help.

Aspire Consulting is a certified Xero adviser

We love Xero and the changes in the accounting industry it’s bringing about. Xero allows us to access data more quickly and in turn provide better advice to our clients. But if that’s not reason enough, there are a host of other reasons why Xero is better for your business:

Easy Access

You (and anyone you nominate) can access real-time data in the latest software version from anywhere you can get an internet connection, on any device.

Better for Cash Flow

There are no up-front software costs and we find monthly fees are easier for small businesses to manage.

Automatic bank feeds

Transactions are imported automatically into Xero, so bank reconciliations are quick and painless. No more time-consuming data entry.

No software headaches

You don’t have to worry about installing software updates or patches, or trying to find out if you have the right hardware requirements. All you need is an internet browser and you’re always using the latest software version of Xero.

Secure, Backed-Up Data

Your accounts can only be accessed by approved users with their own secure login and password. The data is as protected as your internet banking data, and it’s backed up automatically every 10 minutes. Xero says, “Our software has never been breached and we have never lost any customer data.”

Better support

Because anyone you authorise can access your data in real time, your accountant can provide you with better and more timely support. No more backing up your data file and posting in a USB. Whether you need advice about how to record a transaction correctly, or review of financial reports and valuable business advice, support is much quicker than ever before.

We’ve assisted countless business clients in moving to Xero – so we can make the switch with minimal disruption to your daily business activities. Our Xero experts provide personalised training to your staff with your data, and offer ongoing phone and email support.

Contact us to discuss converting to Xero – we’ll help determine the right time for your business and offer a fixed price up-front to take your business to the Cloud.