Performance Reporting & Management

In an ideal scenario, a business owner has real-time access to accurate, reliable financial reports which are clear and easy to understand, enabling better business decisions.

If this statement does not describe your business, we can help. Your internal accounting processes should be seamless, efficient and low-risk, providing clear information enabling decisions which will improve the performance of your business, increase profit and improve cash flow.

Accounting Procedures Review

To improve your financial reporting, we start with an Accounting Procedures Review. This review will answer the question, “How accurate, reliable and timely are my financial reports?” This may seem like a straightforward question, until you consider what information you need to answer the more pressing questions of running a business. Questions like:

  • When should I hire more staff?
  • Which product lines are most profitable?
  • When should I increase my prices?
  • How can I improve my profit?

To answer these questions, you need reliable, accurate and timely financial data.

Our Accounting Procedures Review analyses the cycles of revenue and expense recognition, purchases, fixed assets, payroll, cash handling and banking, to improve the accuracy of your financial reports. We will then make recommendations for improvements, and work with you to implement changes as necessary.

Performance Reporting

When we are confident your accounting procedures are providing accurate data in the standard financial report formats (Profit & Loss or Balance Sheets for example), we can then assist with analysis and forecasting that will enable better business decisions.


A budget is a forecast of your business performance in financial terms. Starting with an accurate Profit & Loss report from a recent period, we can then forecast your income, expenses and profit over the coming 12 months. Creating an accurate budget is an essential part of goal-setting for your business.

Cash flow forecasting

Clients often struggle to understand why they have no cash in the bank when their Profit & Loss statement shows a profit. This is why a cash flow forecast is equally as important as a budget – and even more important. You need money in the bank to pay your bills on time and to stay in business. In a cash flow forecast, we predict your bank balance by forecasting when cash will flow in and out of your accounts.

Management Reports

A good management report gives you information in an easy-to-understand format allowing you to make good decisions about managing your business. Our management reports compare actual figures to budgeted figures and figures from prior years, and we tailor the format and the presentation of the financial data for clarity and ease of understanding.

Performance Review Meetings

We will meet with you on a regular basis to review and interpret your financial information. We will assist you in making sound business decisions to improve your profit and meet your business goals.

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