“The top three reasons I will stay with Aspire: How easy and pleasant it is to interact with everyone in the firm; the new Adobe/Xero E-sign system which makes signing off on documents so easy; and most importantly, the breadth and depth of your technical skills.”

Paul Eisenberg

Director, Eisenberg Consulting Pty Ltd

“Susan Milicevic and her team are a breath of fresh air in the accounting world which, in my experience, can be dull, boring and uninspiring. I first met Susan at a Queensland Government sponsored presentation she was giving to aspiring entrepreneurs. I instantly knew I wanted her as part of my team.

It is a pleasure to now be working with Susan who is helping me determine if and how we can get my ‘start up’ to fly. She is incredibly encouraging and supportive of my concept yet does not guild the lily when it comes to the financial reality. Susan clearly wants her clients to succeed in business and be well compensated for their efforts. Numbers have never been my thing but somehow Susan has gotten me interested in the ‘puzzle-like’ aspect of it and empowered me to see what might be possible.

I also love the fact that Susan is constantly investing in her own business and personal growth by engaging a business coach and weekly business networking opportunities. Her enthusiasm and positive attitude towards work and life are infectious. Susan is a great role model for someone like me in the, at times, overwhelming stages of starting a new business. When it comes to financial advice and support I highly recommend Susan and her wonderful team.”

Deann Stevens

The Farm Girl Ready To Bake Cakes

“Just want to say I could easily tick all these boxes for you guys! Just wanted you to know – we valuewhat you bring to our business!!”

Catherine Atkinson

Owner of Little Peach Co

With reference to this article: http://goo.gl/TNs82V

“Since using Aspire I can’t believe how proactive an accountant should be. Aspire has gone over and beyond the call of duty continually. They do not rest until they have found every claimable tax deduction and their staff are genuine and professional when working with you. I consider Aspire a part of my business not an extension of it. For someone who isn’t accounting orientated they have made it easy for me to understand and their patience have been outstanding. I would not hesitate to recommend Aspire to anyone, I have already recommended them to all my colleagues.”

Veronica McMurray

Small business owner

“Last year, I decided to open my small business. I had the idea but no experience whatsoever in business or accounting. After a few months, I was getting ready for a big expo where my business would be seen by thousands of people and I decided to make sure that everything was in order financially (I should have done that much earlier!).

Susan Milicevic took the time to go through all of my cost calculations and review my prices. I was intears in her office, realising my numbers were not correct and my business was not going to survive on the prices I had set. Susan showed me where my mistakes were, and if it wasn’t for her, I would have been in a lot of trouble, offering prices that were too low and wouldn’t cover my costs.

Now, my business is going well and I am confident in the prices I can offer my clients, knowing my costs are covered.

As a business owner, I care for my customers individually, and I want that same treatment as a customer myself. Aspire provided the business guidance I needed, with a team of professionals who offer excellent, personalised customer service. Today my little business is strong because of Aspire! Thank you for a great service! I should have paid you a visit much earlier!”

Maelle Moreau

Owner of Rescue Mum